Mission and Value Statements

Mission Statement

Southeastern Metals™ is dedicated to providing the highest value building products and services through operational excellence and diversified growth, while meeting customer and stakeholder expectations.

Values Statement

Southeastern Metals™ is fully committed to the highest level of integrity in our business relations with people, organizations, and applicable government agencies. We will accomplish this through dedication, responsibility, and pride among all team members.

Our core values include:

  1. Providing customers with products and services of the highest value and doing so honestly, fairly, lawfully, and with a sense of urgency
  2. Building long lasting relationships with customers and suppliers and doing so with the highest integrity without discrimination or deception
  3. Treating team members fairly with respect and dignity, while providing a safe and healthy work environment
  4. Maintaining open and honest communication with all team members
  5. Supporting and encouraging the development, creativity, and initiative of all team members
  6. Guarding and conserving company resources with same vigilance we do our personal resources
  7. Exercising good corporate citizenship within the communities we operate
  8. Competing aggressively in the marketplace in a fair and honest manner