For Homes & Businesses, Here’s How to Get Gutters That Clean Themselves

Are your customers still cleaning their gutters, or are their gutters cleaning themselves? The solution to clogged gutters and messy gutter cleaning jobs is Screen Mesh® or Clean Mesh® gutter guard from Southeastern Metals™. The Clean Mesh® and Screen Mesh® systems capably handle a very high volume of rainwater and keep the bad stuff – including leaves, pine needles and debris – out of gutters, while also deterring pests from entering.

Clean Mesh® and Screen Mesh® are installed differently to accommodate different roof styles. While Screen Mesh® is designed to install under the first row of shingles, Clean Mesh® is installed right up against the fascia.

Clean Mesh

Clean Mesh®

These different installation methods make Screen Mesh® and Clean Mesh® a perfect fit for any type of new or existing roof on a home or business.

  • Eliminates the need for gutter cleaning
  • Blocks leaves and debris to help prevent clogged gutters
  • Helps prevent insect infestation and wood rot on roofs
  • Works with screened porch enclosures and pool cages

Protect with the Strength of Steel

Unlike so many of the cheap gutter screen products out there, Clean Mesh® and Screen Mesh® gutter guards will not clog. They feature an offset louver system that has been designed to pull rainwater in, while keeping debris from entering. The convex screen design quickly sheds debris and keeps gutters flowing freely. Constructed from professional-grade, stainless steel micromesh and high-strength aluminum panels, these gutter guards are easy to install on five-inch gutters. The mesh is built to stand up to nature and will provide your customers with years of clog-free performance.

For added assurance, Clean Mesh® and Screen Mesh® gutter guards come with a five-year material warranty and are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. To find out more about these innovative products and to place an order, contact Southeastern Metals™ today at (800) 874-0335.

* Screen Mesh® & Clean Mesh® now patented: 8,474,192