Keep Employees Safe from Heat-Related Illnesses During the Summer Months

Heat-related illnesses such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heatstroke, happen when the body can’t keep itself cool. Normally the body stays cool by sweating and heat is carried away when the sweat evaporates. However, on very hot and humid days, this process is interrupted by the presence of moisture in the air that slows down the evaporation of sweat. Because the body cannot maintain its core temperature, body temperature rises and a person may start to experience the following symptoms. [Read more…]

For Homes & Businesses, Here’s How to Get Gutters That Clean Themselves

Are your customers still cleaning their gutters, or are their gutters cleaning themselves? The solution to clogged gutters and messy gutter cleaning jobs is Screen Mesh® or Clean Mesh® gutter guard from Southeastern Metals™. The Clean Mesh® and Screen Mesh® systems capably handle a very high volume of rainwater and keep the bad stuff – including leaves, pine needles and debris – out of gutters, while also deterring pests from entering. [Read more…]

Another Successful Year for the SEBC/FRSA Conferences

Thanks to all who stopped to visit with us during the SEBC/FRSA conferences! This year, Chelsea Welsh, Corporate Marketing Manager for SEMCO/DOT Metals, was asked to teach several classes on social and digital media, including how to utilize Facebook for business, and advanced SEO and Google Analytics.  The classes were well-attended and we got some great feedback. During the conference, Chelsea was also honored with the Bieler Award of Enthusiasm, a very prestigious award given to one person each year from the Association.

Southeastern Building Conference (SEBC)

The 2015 Southeastern Building Conference (SEBC) was held July 16-18 in the West Building of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. [Read more…]

Updates to Florida Building Code Now in Effect

After Hurricane Andrew pummeled South Florida in 1992, one positive development that came from the widespread destruction was the development of a statewide building code and tougher inspections to stop the kind of inferior construction that can’t stand up in the face of hurricane winds. The Florida Building Code, adopted statewide in 2002, replaced a hodgepodge of building codes and regulations that were enforced by more than 400 local municipalities and state agencies. [Read more…]

Introducing Two New SEMCO Ventilation Products Backed by Gibraltar Industries

Are you looking for durable and cost-effective ventilation products? Then you’ve come to the right place. Southeastern Metals™ not only offers the highest quality vents, soffit strips, louvers and roof jacks in the industry, our customers receive outstanding service with every call. This is all in line with the standards and mission of our parent company, New York-based Gibraltar Industries, a leading manufacturer and distributor of building products worldwide. [Read more…]

Learn with SE Metals at the 2015 SEBC & FRSA Conferences

Southeastern Metals™ looks forward to seeing many old and new friends from July 16-18 at the 2015 Southeastern Building Conference (SEBC) and the 2015 Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Expo (FRSA). You’ll find us at Booths 614 and 616 at SEBC, and Booths 401, 403, 500 & 502 at FRSA. Stop by our booths for updates on innovative new products, plus great giveaways! [Read more…]

Spring Cleaning Tips: Get Serious about Gutter Clogs

As a contractor, you understand the benefits of a properly installed, efficient gutter protection system, but your customers may not. Educate them about the importance of gutter covers by explaining the damage that can result when gutters clog and overflow.

Hazards of Clogged Gutters

No matter where a home is located, nature will find a way to infiltrate gutters and cause serious problems. If left unprotected, it’s natural for open gutters to fill with dirt, leaves from surrounding trees and debris carried by the wind. When a gutter becomes clogged and rain falls, it fills with water and overflows, leading to the following potential threats. [Read more…]