Roofing Gadgets to Make Your Job Easier

Toolbox with tools on white isolated background. 3dProfessional roof installation entails a number of different processes, and manufacturers are continually coming up with new tools to make the modern roofer’s job more efficient. Here are some old and new tools that just might come in handy.

  • Magnetic sweeper. A magnetic sweeper contains powerful magnets and is helpful for tasks like loading up a nail bag, picking up nails in gutters and cleaning metal debris from tight spaces. Use a large wheeled sweeper on lawns and a smaller handheld sweeper for flower beds and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Tool sheath. Keep your roofing shears or seam roller within easy reach with a tool sheath that can be attached to a belt.
  • Slate cutter. If slate is your game, a slate cutter is a handy tool for slicing through both slate and shingles. Handheld cutters make cutting and trimming slate tiles quick and easy, and reduce the waste caused by breaking tiles using the traditional scoring and snapping technique.
  • Ridge bucket. Easily collect shingles and improve safety with a specially designed ridge bucket. This bucket features a rugged V-shaped base that allows the bucket to be placed on a ridge without sliding.
  • Roof pitch calculator. This handy tool makes it easy to determine roof pitch without a tape measure or level: just set the gauge on the roof or the underside of a rafter and get the answer you need instantly.
  • Gutter scoop. The gutter scoop is designed to fit inside the gutter trough for easy removal of gutter debris without causing damage to the gutter. It also protects hands from cuts and scrapes on sharp edges.
  • Smartphone. New roofing-specific apps range from roof pitch measuring tools to a calculator that converts measurements into materials estimates.

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