Steel Framing

Steel Framing

Southeastern Metals’ Diamond Steel Framing is a cost-effective, quality alternative to more traditional framing materials. Additionally, Diamond’s unique embossing process provides an easier installation and greatly increases the strength of the end product.

Economical Option
Diamond Steel Framing saves time, money and labor costs and is an more energy efficient choice over traditional materials. Additionally, steel framing often reduces building insurance costs.

Safer Than Lumber
Unlike traditional wood framing, Diamond Steel Framing won’t burn and can easily meet one hour fire ratings.

Long Lasting
Diamond Steel Framing will not rot, warp, twist, bow, crack, split, swell or shrink. Steel framing is termite and insect proof and made of the most durable framing material.

Better Quality
Diamond Steel Framing produces straighter and stronger walls. Pre-punched holes allow for easier installation of plumbing and electricity. Roll-forming process produces consistent, quality product.

Easier Installation
Diamond Steel Framing™ is easier to cut and lighter to handle than traditional lumber. Embossed material provides enhanced screw retention and prevents against screw spin out.